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ControlLogix course adds PowerFlex lessons!

This week the highest rated ControlLogix course on the web gets even better with additional lessons on integrating PowerFlex drives! In fact, over at The Automation School the first PAC …read more Source:: TheAutomationBlog

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The Automation Minute:

Enable the PanelView Plus 7 Webserver

Learn how to enable the Web Server on the PanelView Plus 7 in Episode 36 of The Automation Minute Season 3: If you’ve found this video helpful, checkout my training …read more Source:: TheAutomationMinute

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The Automation Podcast:

The Automation Guy

What I’ve been working on…

So you may be asking yourself, “where’s Shawn been?” as the updates to my blogs, videos, and podcasts have been a little sporadic. Well, for the last several weeks I’ve …read more Source:: TheAutomationGuy

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